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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Love these Fingerless Gloves

I started making fingerless gloves and can't stop. They are so much fun to decorate. I can be creative and get something fun made in one evening.
I'm using Kwik sew pattern #3806.I like my gloves to be a little shorter.

This is the full size pattern piece. I folded the bottom up to make the gloves shorter.
After cutting out the pieces I like to add some decoration.

After decorating, sew up the side seam. Leave open the space between the markings for your thumb.

Enjoy your new Gloves, and make some for holiday gifts.

  This is the next pair I made. I recycled an old cashmere sweater, added some velvet ribbon and a vintage button. Voila! fabulous, luxurious hand warmers.