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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Quilt Festival and Market

 FAll Quilt Festival and Market

I have been very busy since returning home from Houston, filling orders and getting everything organized again. I thought I'd better post about the trip before I forget everything.


My friend Mary rode along with me on our 2 day journey from Jordan to Houston.Here are some highlights.
Here we are in the van, it is very full as you can see.

Made a stop in Butler Mo. because My Great Grandma was a Butler and I'm pretty sure that someone in our family founded the town.
After Spending the night in Nevada Mo. we awoke to a this great Sunrise.
 Sign of a beautiful Day ahead.
Gas is always cheaper in Texas, Yeah.
We finally made it to Houston and to the Convention Center.
This is what it looks like before everything is set up.
We found our booth spot and are unloading the van.
We got the Quilts set up, and the tables draped.
Mary looks pretty excited to start setting up!
Making progress but there's alot more tubs to un pack.
Finally Finished! Ready for Quilt Market to begin.
Well, we are anyway,

Everyone trying to get done in time.

New fat eighth bundles with Perle Cotton thread.

We had a great show. Same time next year.