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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Fabulous Woolie Pumpkins

I've been keeping very busy getting ready for fall. I'll be vending at some Quilt shows here in Minnesota next month.
Oct 3rd. Wow Quilt Guild, Plymouth MN.
Oct. 10-11th  St. Cloud Heritage QuiltersCollege of St. Benedict, St. Joseph, MN
Oct. 16-17th  Quilters Sew-Society, Rochester, MN
Oct. 24-26th International Quilt Market in Houston TX.

A bit of a nip in the air this morning makes for perfect weather to create some yummy "Woolie Pumpkins". I recently dyed some gorgeous wool colors that just beckoned to become a seasonal stuffed squash. This pattern will be available soon, included in a kit with the wool.
Cutting out sections
1. Cut out 7 sections for your stuffed pumpkin.
2. Cut out 2 stem pieces from the hand dyed wool fabric.

3. Cut out 4 leaves from a green hand dyed wool fabric.
4. Sew the pumpkin sections together in pairs. Stop 1/4 " from the end.

5. Sew all the section pairs together, then add the 7th section.  You pumpkin will look like a deflated beach ball.

6. When sewing the last seam leave an opening about 4-5 inches to add your stuffing.

7. Sew across the top and bottom to close up any holes.

8. Stuff that baby til you think it's full, then stuff it some more.

9. I added a big rock to give it a little weight. This makes it more stable. Add more stuffing after you place the rock in the middle towards the bottom.
10. Sew your seam opening closed by hand.

11. Sew the 2 stem pieces together using about a 1/8" seam. Leave the bottom open. 
12. Turn the stem inside out and stuff.

13. Sew 2 leaves together, about 1/8" from the edges. 2 will give your leaves more dimension. You can use a fusible interfacing to hold them together while you sew.

14. Add  veins with either stitching by hand or machine.

www.TracyTrevethan.com15. Hand stitch your stem to the top of your pumpkin.
16. Hand tack your leaves down. (with just a few stitches)Voila! Gorgeous Gifts to give or just display in your own home.